Gapstow Bridge Color Digital Photography by Russ Bach
Gapstow Bridge by Russ Bach

Winter remakes New York City, bringing it into a new, clearer view. The snow and low light breathe new life into old favorites, and it brings a charisma all its own to the streets and towers.

No matter the weather outside, we often want to reconnect to the contemplative feeling of winter. It’s a season of cozying up as we watch the snow drift down beyond our window. It’s a season of wonderful holidays. It’s a season of reflection.

That might be why winter in New York has inspired so much incredible art. These pieces show a city that continues its famously fast paced rhythm even in the long, cold nights, as its many lights are reflecting in the twinkling snow. has a tremendous collection of artwork that brings that special feeling of winter in New York into your home or office with fine art prints from world class talents. All of these pieces transport the viewer to this incredible city during a season as striking and singular as New York itself.

Gapstow Bridge Black and White Photography by Alex Leykin
Gapstow Bridge Black and White Photography by Alex Leykin
Gapstow Bridge by Alex Leykin

Gapstow Bridge is a legendary spot in Central Park, and artists who attempt to paint or photograph it are instantly in conversation with the many who have come before. What brings us back here time and again? The mixture of an idyllic, natural setting set against the city skyline makes for an attractive dichotomy, one that perfectly describes the unique charm of Central Park.

In this photograph, Alex Leykin brings us back to Gapstow Bridge as winter sets itself over the city. Snow blankets over the famous arch of the bridge and trees around it. In striking contrast, this black and white fine art photograph gives us a clear view of NYC and Manhattan in particular — a sophisticated metropolis that haunts us with its beauty.

A scene of a father and child playing in the snow in the corner of the photograph appears at first as a small afterthought, but it brings the entire work together. New York City is not just understood in its landmarks, its architecture, its staggering size. For millions of people, New York City is home.

Flatiron Building Digital Painting by Natalia Shutkina
Flatiron Building Digital Painting by Natalia Shutkina
Flatiron Building by Natalia Shutkina

This digital painting of the Flatiron Building is a special kind of view of a city. The building itself is a famed achievement in New York architecture, telling the story of its era in its very shape. A favorite backdrop in New York cinema, it reveals the more effortless side of the city’s appeal, as well as the importance of architecture in the Big Apple’s history. Not long after its completion in 1920 (when it stood as one of the tallest buildings in the city at 20 stories), the entire area became known as the Flatiron District.

In this beautiful digital painting by Natalia Shutkina, the character of the Flatiron Building is set in a blustery, wet winter evening. The use of color is fantastic — dominated by blue and yellow, with hints of other color filling in around the bottom to separate the sky and street level life. The composition is also striking, a thoroughly urban view framed on one side by tree branches.

Shutkina’s painterly style brings the scene vividly to life. The piece radiates with her trademark infusion of fantasy, a tinge of expressionism seeping into the otherwise highly detailed and realistic portrayal of a cityscape.

Christmas Tree Watercolor Painting by Roustam Nour
Christmas Tree Watercolor Painting by Roustam Nour
Christmas Tree by Roustam Nour

The Rockefeller Center is a national icon of Christmastime. The enormous tree that holds court over the ice skating rink has appeared in countless films and photographs because it instantly speaks to the American yuletide tradition. Such a well worn subject might become stereotyped in lesser hands, but this watercolor invites us to see the scene with new eyes.

In this heartfelt painting by Roustam Nour, the artist captures everything that we love about the holiday season. The warm lights on the trees glow out into the cold, snow dappling the scene. Nour’s ability to capture the movement of the ice skaters and the joy of the moment give this painting that deeply human touch.

Whether you spent your own childhood holidays skating below the tree or have only seen Rockefeller Center on television, this work brings you there. This celebration of a Christmas season now twenty years past gives us pause. It allows us to reflect on an era not so far away, but one that is gone. The world changes very quickly, but the holidays allow us to return to a feeling that remains unchanged for generations.’s Winter in New York Collection is the place to find beautiful fine art prints of winter in New York. We’ve created a staggering collection of work from master artists that brings you the best artwork featuring the Big Apple in any season, with both familiar favorites and hidden-away gems to satisfy your craving for a slice of NYC on your wall.

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