New York, New York: The City and the Art It Inspires

New York Skyline Oil on Canvas by Roustam Nour
New York Skyline by Roustam Nour

No city is like it.

When you walk its streets, you feel an energy you can’t get anywhere else in the world. The beautiful architecture, the thrum of the subway, the diversity of culture — you can only find that here in New York City.

That’s why features so much incredible artwork of the Big Apple. Our collection celebrates this one-of-a-kind city and its many landmarks.

We have gathered all the sights that you could want, whether you are looking for that holiday charm of Rockefeller Center in December, the promise and hope of the Statue of Liberty, the handsome form of the Brooklyn Bridge, the head spinning lights of Times Square, the tranquility of Central Park, or any of the countless other beloved features in NYC.

It’s a city rooted in a rich history and marching boldly forward into the future. It’s a city of contradictions. A city where anything can happen at any time. For some of us, it’s home. For others of us, it’s our favorite destination. But whatever our connection to it, we know it as the greatest city on Earth.

So today, let’s talk about some of the things we love about New York and look at some great fine art featuring the city while we’re at it.

The Skyline

Many cities have a famous skyline. Seattle with its Space Needle, Paris with its Eiffel Tower, Sydney with its Opera House — they are all beautiful and unique. But when you get down to it, is there any skyline as captivating as New York City’s?

Brooklyn Bridge Watercolor Painting by Roustam Nour
Brooklyn Bridge Watercolor Painting by Roustam Nour
Brooklyn Bridge by Roustam Nour

In this watercolor by Roustam Nour, the Manhattan skyline is cut across by the Brooklyn Bridge. Using this deceptively simple composition, Nour not only frames the iconic buildings of lower Manhattan, but also acknowledges the rest of the city through the bridge leading off the edge of the canvas.

It’s amazing to think that in 1890, the tallest building in NYC was Trinity Church. But by the end of the year, the Pulitzer’s New York World Building became number one. After that, the city was off to the races, with builders competing for that coveted top spot over the 20th century.

But the innovation of the skyline isn’t all about going as tall as possible.

The Citicorp Center, built in 1977, used the first tuned mass damper, a ballast in the middle that helps reduce swaying from winds. The 400-ton concrete contraption works as a counterbalance.

In 2010, the Bank of America Tower in New York became the first ever LEED Platinum certified skyscraper — a certification given for excellence in environmental sustainability. The tower utilizes advanced water conservation, composting, and green space.

The Empire State Building, maybe the most famous tower in the world, is renown not only for its 40 year reign as the tallest building in the world, but for its striking art deco style.

New York Midtown Black and White Photography by Alex Leykin
New York Midtown Black and White Photography by Alex Leykin
New York Midtown by Alex Leykin

Alex Leykin captures the Empire State Building’s elegant style in context with this black and white photograph. Through his telephoto lens, Leykin gives the viewer the feeling of the buildings crowded together on the island. And the vertical orientation of the photograph emphasizes the height of the skyscrapers. This sophisticated view of the skyline gives us a new view, opposed to the more traditional, landscape oriented fine art images of the New York skyline that we’ve come to expect.

The Energy in the Streets

Ask a New Yorker why they love this city, and they will almost always answer the same way: the energy in the streets.

If you’ve ever experienced the city’s streets at night, you know exactly what they mean. It’s called the City That Never Sleeps for a reason. There are times where the energy is so palpable that you can’t help but be swept away into a crazy New York night.

Times Square Digital  Painting by Natalia Shutkina
Times Square Digital  Painting by Natalia Shutkina
Times Square by Natalia Shutkina

You can own a piece of that energy with this digital painting by Natalia Shutkina. The digital medium allows her to perfectly capture the LED visions of Times Square billboards, while her painterly style gives expression to the human excitement we all feel when we’re going to a Broadway show.

The city is famous for its nightlife. With so many things to do and see, it’s an overwhelming feeling to be in the streets and see it in person. The traffic, the lights, and the crowds of people are unlike anything else.

Your Own Private New York

When you are in a city with more than 8 million other people, you wouldn’t expect to have a private experience of the city at all. And yet, anyone who has spent time in the city knows that there are so many little folds of the city, so many details to get lost in, that you build your own personal relationship with the city.

Maybe it’s your own favorite bench in Central Park. Maybe it’s your favorite sculpture at the Metropolitan Museum. Maybe it’s that tucked away cafe where you met the person of your dreams when you stepped in to escape the rain with a hot cup of coffee.

New York Downtown Color Photography by Alex Leykin
New York Downtown Color Photography by Alex Leykin
New York Downtown by Alex Leykin

Alex Leykin delivers a quiet evening view of Manhattan as seen from the Brooklyn Promenade. With no one else in view, it feels like the city shines just for you. And in that moment, maybe it does. This is that special kind of evening that makes a mega metropolis like New York City feel like a real home.

Central Park West Watercolor Painting by Roustam Nour
Central Park West Watercolor Painting by Roustam Nour
Central Park West by Roustam Nour

Roustam Nour brings his mastery of watercolor to Central Park, showing a private scene of a woman reading a newspaper — no doubt the New York Times — and enjoying the late fall afternoon. Imagine the bird song, the sounds of distant traffic, the laughter of children playing somewhere in the distance. Here, in this little corner of the park, someone is having a private experience.

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