New York Central Park

Central Park West fine art photography by Russ Bach

Central Park is a jewel in the center of New York City. Located in Manhattan and surrounded by towering buildings that hum with the heat and bustle of the greatest city on Earth, Central Park extends grandly over 843 acres. Its size, beauty, and unbelievable location have turned this urban green-space into one of the most loved spaces in the United States.

In fact, the park is so notable that it boasts 38 million visitors a year and holds the title for the most filmed location on the planet.

It’s easy to see why it is so treasured. It represents an escape from the city in the middle of the city itself. It shows the heights of American civic planning, fulfilling New Yorkers’ deeply human need to be in nature.

History of Central Park

Urban parks took off in America during the 19th century. At the time, cities were filling up with new inhabitants who were used to a life of farming in the countryside. The densely packed conditions of a place like New York City was a shock.

At the same time, Romantic poets were yearning in their stanzas for green areas where humanity could commune with nature.

City dwellers were demanding a bit of nature nearby.

William Cullen Bryant, editor of the New York Evening Post, began calling for a large park in the city, and soon landscape architects began jumping on board.

In 1853, 700 acres were finally set aside for Central Park — expanded six years later to its current size. A contest was held to find the park planners, and the winning idea was a people’s park, a place that would welcome anyone needing a rest or a nice walk.

Once sections began to open in 1858, the park found immediate success. Through its early decades, the park contained sights unthinkable today. Until 1934, you could find sheep grazing on the green fields!

In 1933, Mayor Fiorello La Guardia made the park a priority, as the local government had neglected it for many years. A heroic cleaning effort and the installation of a zoo are notable achievements of his efforts.

Beginning in the 60’s, Central Park again fell into disrepair. Its large size made it difficult to keep safe and to maintain.

But even in these years, the park held a special place in American cinema and in the hearts of many New Yorkers. That is why park reclamation efforts began in the late 70’s and have continued ever since.

Today, the park is a stunning feat, a sign of our commitment to a beautiful landmark that has given us so much. That same commitment and affection can be seen in’s selection of work featuring Central Park.

Roustam Nour’s Watercolor Paintings

Roustam Nour was born in Russia, studying art at Moscow State University Art’s Technical Design department. After emigrating to America in 1991, he’s lived in New York, where his paintings of the city he loves have captivated the public with their warmth and striking skill.

Central Park West watercolor painting by Roustam Nour

In this warmer scene, Nour celebrates the expansive Central Park Pond. The towering city in the background helps contextualize just what makes this place so special — the hidden reserve of nature in the city.

Bow Bridge Watercolor Painting by Roustam Nour

In this wintry scene, Nour captures a scene of Bow Bridge, the last lingering red leaves of autumn hanging on through the snowy season. In the background, rendered in greens and blues, stand the San Remo Towers and Dakota Building.

New York Oil Paintings

Central Park Lake oil painting by Roustam Nour

This painting captures the golden hour, just after a light rain, as the city begins to transition from the work day to night life. When looking at the piece, you feel as if you could walk right onto the streets and go for a stroll through the park.

Alex Leykin’s Photography

Alex Leykin was a photographer able to show the character and magnetism of New York City. His ongoing love affair with the Big Apple is evident in his expansive body of work that also includes urban photography from around the world.

Central Park West black and white photography by Alex Leykin

This stunning, extreme wide angle photo reveals a painterly approach to his subject. Leykin exaggerates the Bow Bridge as it flexes above the water, allowing it to hold court among the natural settings — the city peeking out over the tree-line to witness the scene.

Russ Bach’s Photography

Russ Bach is a New York photographer on an ongoing mission to capture the moments that make the city what it is — unpredictable, mysterious, and captivating.

Central Park South fine art photography by Russ Bach

In this captivating winter scene, Bach shows the dichotomy between a quiet, wintry night in the park and the ever-bright energy of New York. The photograph highlights the best of Central Park — its ability to bring the healing silence of nature to the city’s inhabitants.’s Central Park Collection is committed to bringing you the best artwork featuring this great city. We have an enormous collection of fine art paintings and photography that celebrate the amazing sights of New York.

Our artwork is available in several formats, with extensive mounting, framing, and paper options. We take pride in our perfect fine art reproductions that give you the full gallery experience in your home or office.

View our Central Park collection today and purchase one of our beautiful Central Park paintings or photographs.



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