Celebrating Times Square with Art

Times Square by Roustam Nour

It doesn’t get more iconic than Times Square.

The flashing lights, the bustling traffic, the famous streets. When you think of New York City, Times Square always comes to mind.

What makes Times Square so special? Maybe it’s the enormous, groundbreaking ads. Or, it could be the legendary New Year’s Celebration that has been going on every year since 1907, sometimes with a million people in attendance. Maybe it’s the plethora of entertainment options and tourist attractions available.

Lying at the very heart of Manhattan, Times Square sits at the intersection of Broadway (yes, that Broadway) and 7th Avenue. Running from West 42nd to West 47th Street, it has long been a must-visit destination for anyone visiting the City. It’s never been more true than today — with Times Square being one of the most Instagrammed places on planet Earth.

Every day, 50,000 people pass through this unique — and uniquely New York — intersection. But Times Square has come a long way from its origins. It grew right along with New York City, and it has often been used as a barometer for the city itself. When Times Square is thriving, the Big Apple is doing well.

Below, we examine its long history and look at some of the Times Square artwork available only at nyArt.com.

A Brief History of Times Square

Before 1904, the intersection was called Long Acres Square. But that year, the New York Times moved its headquarters into the brand new Times Building located at 1 Times Square. From then on, people referred to it as Times Square.

Over the next twenty years, electricity radically transformed the city. And with the economic boom of the Roaring 20’s, Times Square became a shining beacon of colorful advertising, lights, and feverish economic activity.

The good times couldn’t last forever. The Great Depression saw waves of protests and decline for the Square as people struggled to make ends meet.

At the end of World War II, the largest crowd in Times Square history assembled to celebrate. After a bit of a postwar boom, Times Square soon began to decline. By the time New York City went into a fiscal crisis in the 70’s, the Square was known as a less than desirable part of town.

Through the 80’s, people thought that the glory days were over. But things soon took a turn.

Through the 90’s, New York City rallied and emerged stronger than ever. With it, Times Square began to clean up with rezoning efforts focused on making it a safe, family-oriented attraction.

Today, it has strong traffic controls to protect pedestrians, dazzling visuals and shopping and entertainment to satisfy just about every one of the 50 million visitors it receives every year.

Because nyArt.com loves the city and all the fantastic places that make it the greatest place in the world, we’ve assembled an amazing collection of artwork featuring Times Square. Let’s take a tour of some of our Times Square offerings below.

Roustam Nour’s Watercolor Paintings

Roustam Nour was born in Russia and studied art at the Moscow State University Art and Technical Design department. He emigrated to America in 1991. Since then, he has lived in New York, painting this beautiful city in works famous for their rich color and dreamy warmth.

Times Square by Roustam Nour

In many of his pieces, Nour uses a sepia palette to evoke our nostalgic connection to this landmark. And yet, he chooses to paint the city as it can be seen today, merging Times Square’s legacy as an important American site with its contemporary verve and energy.

Times Square by Roustam Nour

In still others, Nour chooses a much brighter, more vivid approach. These paintings are like portals into the colorful, brightly lit fantasy that is Times Square.

Alex Leykin’s Photography

Alex Leykin has photographed New York over many decades, always finding new ways to see the city. While Leykin’s oeuvre includes many of the world’s great cities, his fascination and love of New York can be glimpsed in the interest and care he takes with the subject.

Times Square by Alex Leykin

This work, captured with a fish-eye lens, communicates the towering wonders surrounding Times Square. Presented as much for its abstract qualities as its ability to depict this wonder of the modern world, it serves as quite the conversation starter in any room.

Times Square Oil Paintings

Times Square by Roustam Nour

This painting of Times Square features an evening just after a rain, light glimmering on every surface. You can almost hear the horns, the chatter of people walking in and out of shops.

Times Square by Roustam Nour

Here in another rainy scene, Roustam Nour pulls us out into a wide angle of Times Square, creating sharp contrast between the dark blue sky and the glow of the city below. The enchantment of the location calls us to go there.

nyArt.com’s Times Square Collection

nyArt.com has these works of Times Square and many more at our website. We’ve assembled an enormous collection of artwork featuring this great city and all the places in it.

All of our artwork comes in multiple sizes and mounting options, including: acrylic, birch and bamboo, gallery wrap, and more. No matter what your tastes, we have the perfect options for you.

These beautiful works are carefully collected, with each piece sure to connect you to Time Square — the intersection at the center of the world. View our collection today and purchase one of our stunning Times Square paintings and photographs.




nyArt.com is the premier source for original fine art paintings and photography of New York City.

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nyArt.com is the premier source for original fine art paintings and photography of New York City.

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